About the Producer...
For the past few years, Judy has been writing and producing a CD/book project dealing with the loss of loved ones and the struggle for those of us who remain to return, rebuild and renew. So, when the tragic events of 9/11 were upon us, her reaction to do what she could turned immediately to draw upon and share the music she had been creating, and to ask some of her friends to contribute. The compilation effort required full production elements of arranging, recording, mixing, and final packaging.
Judy Lamppu
Producer, Writer


Concurrent Activities:

Beginning approximately 5 years ago, Judy began working with a Finnish recording artist, Bianca Morales, whose label wanted to create an all-English-language pop/jazz CD. Bianca is a wonderful jazz stylist, well known throughout Scandinavia. Judy wrote the lyrics for 11 of the 12 songs, and the CD, “I’ve Been Dreamin’,” was released to great reviews in the summer of 2000. This collaboration is continuing for a planned 2nd CD.

Always a freelancer, Judy’s writing activity has encompassed more than song lyrics. In the late ‘80s she began seriously writing screenplays. She concluded that if she could sell the script she could automatically write the title song as well.

Her writing partner, Patricia Ford and she had the good fortune of getting one of their scripts to Peter Falk, who, upon reading it, didn’t care that they were unknown writers, and “Caution, Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health” became the 2-hour 1991 season opener.

She currently has another script optioned that she adapted from a well-known science fiction novel. For this project she created a musical adaptation for which she has written 8 songs with the expectation that not only will it make a great film, but a terrific Broadway musical as well.

Several of her other properties are under consideration with various production companies; one project, “Voice Of The People,” based on a true prohibition era story, has taken her and her partner several years to write due to the amount of research required and the need to peruse hundreds of pages of court transcripts.

Prior Work and Credits:

As a songwriter, Judy has amassed many credits over the years. Film credits include a three feature deal with Chako Productions in which she wrote the title song or featured track: “Forever And Beyond,” distributor, Toho worldwide; “ The Survival Game,” distributor, Toho/Embassy; Bouncin’ Back,” distributor, Toho worldwide.

Television assignments have included documentaries such as “Last Of The American Hobos” (5 songs) for Public Broadcasting and cable syndication; “Rape of The Environment” (Theme song) for KTLA, Los Angeles and syndication TV; an after school dramatic special, “Antonio And The Mayor” (Theme song, “A Miracle” with composer, Morton Stevens) for CBS Network TV, and the TV pilot for the “Minnie Pearl Show.” (4 songs under the direction of Lionel Newman) for 20th Century Fox/April Blackwood Music, and Co-executive producer/music supervisor for “The Youth In Film Awards,” an independent pilot for Rogers Television Syndication.

Earlier song credits include “Situation” for Jobete/Motown, released on London Records by artists Hodges, James & Smith, “Lulu” by the Jackson Five (available on the collection “SoulSation”), “Nobody,” a Capitol Records release by Nancy Wilson, and “I Haven’t Got the Heart to Say Goodbye” and “Here I Am” (title song of the album), a special project for James Brown’s label Starday King, by the Mayor of Macon, GA, Ronnie Thompson. Dian Hart for Amaret Records and also “The Group” for the Pete Records label, both recorded “If’s A Mighty Big Word” and “If You Don’t Love Me” (published by Melon Music/Shelby Singleton Music)

As a performer, Judy’s career began while still in high school and continues on today as needed; the last group association was as a member of the girl trio “Code 3,” which recorded, a title song for the film “Bouncin’ Back,” for Chako Film Productions which was distributed worldwide by Toho of Japan. “Code 3” did a lot of club and event appearances, and was booked for a USO tour.

She sang with “The Treasuretones” and recorded the key track “He’s My Guy” on AIP Records for American International’s release of the motion picture, “The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow.” Other groups Judy performed with included “The Galaxies” for Capitol Records, from which the cut “The Big Triangle” became a “turntable” hit in several markets around the country. There was also a brief stint with “The Century Five” recording for Belmont Records.

Earlier recordings as featured singer/soloist included “Surfin’ With Jimmy” from “The Beach Party Album” on Gary Paxton’s GARPAX label, and “We Got Somethin’ Goin’” on RAMSHORN Records.


Judy comes from a family that appreciated music. Her father was a child prodigy on the violin and had a beautiful voice that attracted the attention of film producer, Joe Pasternak, who wanted her father to replace his star, Bobby Breen, whose voice was changing. Judy’s grandfather had other ideas however, and her father stayed with the family “schmatta” (knitwear) business which he eventually took over for the rest of his life.

On her mother’s side, Judy’s grandmother Gross was the headlined soprano for many seasons of the Yiddish Opera in Chicago.

Judy herself started writing poems and songs from age nine. Her first remembrance is writing a new verse to “Silent Night.” She admits that her early songwriting education was the result of her passion for writing new lyrics to all the popular songs.

As a matter of style, Judy can either write to the music or independently of the music. She has often written “by Email and fax” when only a scratch track and dummy words were provided. She loves Broadway type musicals and has written several songs with two or three part counterpoint lyrics and harmonies.


WGA, west; NARAS; ASCAP; L.A. Women In Music; PEN; Entertainment Coalition (ECO*USA) and she’s on the board of the Namaste Interfaith Community Center.